Bernie Privately Worried That Biden Could Blow It - Report

Bernie Privately Worried That Biden Could Blow It – Report

Shifting poll numbers and the ongoing troubles of Democrat nominee Joe Biden have some worried that the party could be on the brink of another crushing loss to President Trump.

One of those who is reportedly stressing hard is failed presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, a man who was the frontrunner until the DNC sprung an ambush in the primaries that screwed him out of the nomination for the second time in four years.


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According to a Fox News report, Comrade Bernie has “privately” expressed concerns that Biden has no message other than “orange man bad” and dismayed that the former veep isn’t focusing more on “kitchen table” issues that resonate with voters. 

Sanders is also puzzled as to why lunchbucket Joe hasn’t sought out the help of social media rock star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her army of young drones on the campaign trail.

Via Fox News, “Bernie Sanders

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