Ben Domenech: A Nation In Dire Straits Is Re-Living The 1970s

Ben Domenech: A Nation In Dire Straits Is Re-Living The 1970s

Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech said Monday the United States is re-living the violent decade of the 1970s as crime sweeps the nation’s major cities, coinciding with inflation and economic turmoil while terrorism remains a constant feature of American life.

“Imagine a country in dire straits,” Domenech said as guest host of “Fox News Primetime.”

“It’s a country,” Domenech added, “convulsed by riots, pitting police against protestors, ordinary citizens against activists… gripped nearly obsessed with issues of race and ethnicity… that just exited a long and grinding war as a loser… where a divisive Republican president is succeeded by a genial Democrat who promised healing but proves too inept to lead.”

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University campuses, Domenech noted, remain gripped by “fanatical ideologues,” while young people remain hesitant to form families amid the turbulence of the era.

While U.S. institutions of the 1970s were “strong,” today the nation stands far weaker to weather the same challenges today than it did a half-century ago.

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