Become A Paid Contributor

Become A Paid Contributor

Tired of waiting tables? Is working the campus cash register SOUL CRUSHINGLY BORING?

If you can write quickly and want competitive pay from a high-traffic news outlet, the Daily Caller wants you as a contributor.

The Caller wants politically aware and self-motivated contributors searching for a chance to get professional bylines in a national news outlet.

Contributors will be expected to write current, breaking news stories for online publication. Articles will be approximately 250 words and writers are paid on a per-article basis of $20. With no minimum or maximum work requirements, writing for us will never conflict with school, employment, or family obligations — but the more you write, the more you get paid.

There is no trial or probationary period — get hired and start earning from the first story you submit.

Contributors work remote, meaning you can submit articles from your house, on your commute, or during your anthropology lecture.

Writing experience is preferred but not required. Contributors will be trained and guided by a team of credentialed journalists to bring their writing to a professional, resume-worthy level of polish.

The Daily Caller’s reporting is distributed worldwide to over 20 million unique readers

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