Bear mauls Colorado man in his garage

Bear mauls Colorado man in his garage

A mother bear ferociously attacked a Colorado man in his own garage on Sunday night, wildlife officials said.

The man was hospitalized and needed surgery for severe cuts to his head and legs — but he was expected to survive, Colorado Parks and Wildlife said in a statement released Monday.

The man had stored birdseed and other items that could attract bears in his garage at his house near Steamboat Springs, the statement said.

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At about 11 p.m. on Sunday he noticed the garage door open and went to close it.

That’s when he saw the bear and two cubs inside, the statement said.

“As the man attempted to slowly back away from the garage, the sow attacked,” the statement said.

Wildlife officials and park rangers tracked down the mother bear, which was put down and sent to a lab for a necropsy. The cubs are still on the loose, but officials are looking to trap and relocate

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