Be More Like Trump!

Be More Like Trump!

Let’s just start calling it The GOT!

Everyone loves the guy, and the RINO establishment just can’t handle the truth. The people want Trump, 73% of conservative people to be precise.

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And why shouldn’t we?

He was a FANTASTIC President. Record unemployment, the continuation of a wild bull market, peace in the middle east, no foriegn wars, and he tells it like it is.

Did I mention the fact that he didn’t have dementia, or peddle establishment deep state propaganda?

The people are tired of perfect comb-overs, doctored speeches, and blatant lies from the establishment.

He is the best President I have ever seen in my lifetime, and he drives the left into an apoplectic seizure, what more could you want?

Check it out:

"Which of these statements is closer to your belief: "Donald Trump is still the kind of leader the Republican Party needs," or "Republicans need to get away from the

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