Be Aware Of Performative Wokeness

Be Aware Of Performative Wokeness

You may be familiar with the old Hollywood joke: What is an associate producer credit? It’s what you give your assistant instead of a raise. It comes to mind with this news of the NFL’s latest act of performative wokeness. “According to reports last week, the NFL will play ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing,’ commonly referred to as the black national anthem, before every game this year.”

What do you think the NFL cares more about? Pre-game music? Or non-guaranteed contracts for its majority-black workforce?

This is the playbook: When rich white people are actually threatened with something they care about — money, slots at elite schools — they don’t fight like hell. It brings too much attention. Instead they seek a performative act, something that looks compassionate so as to distract the woke idiots from the real problems that lie beneath.

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