BBC Reports on Facebook as Arbiter of Policing ’Fake News’

BBC Reports on Facebook as Arbiter of Policing ’Fake News’

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is advancing the idea that Facebook is in the business of removing “fake news” from social media, including publicizing its new campaign “to help people spot fake news amid a growing advertising boycott putting pressure on the company to tackle misinformation and hate speech.”

Facebook’s Steve Hatch, the social media platform’s vice president for Northern Europe, said in the BBC report it is using FullFact, a UK-based “independent” fact checking organization that employs a former editorial director of Buzzfeed UK who now leads the fact-checking team.

It uses as a source Chole Colliver, who is in charge of digital research at the “anti-extremist think tank” Institute for Strategic Dialogue and said Facebook’s effort is “too little to late.” Colliver said:

We’ve seen Facebook try to take reactive and often quite small steps to stem the tide of disinformation on the platform. But they haven’t

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