Baseball’s Commissioner Cares More About Politics Than About Fans

Baseball’s Commissioner Cares More About Politics Than About Fans

When baseball first created the office of commissioner, it was because the sport needed to restore integrity and trust. They placed one man, Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, at the top of the game and had him rule with the interest of owners, players, and fans in mind.

It is not a democratic concept, but it served the game well for a while. Landis was far from perfect, but he made people trust the game again. Major League Baseball’s latest foray into partisan politics in Georgia diminishes that trust.

As in so many other areas of American life, leftist politics are crowding out everything else. Commissioners became the players’ enemy after the labor strife of the 1970s. The minor leagues soon became an afterthought, too.

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Now, in acceding to the demands of woke capital, Commissioner Rob Manfred throws the fans overboard. Pulling the All-Star Game from Georgia in response to the recent voting law changes there shows that Manfred listens

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