‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown: People Labeled Me 'Promiscuous,' 'My Faith Has Been Questioned By People Who Don't Know My Heart'


The openly Christian “Bachelorette” star Hannah Brown, who became the subject of controversy among the faithful over her views on pre-marital sex, says she is now “struggling” with her newfound fame in the wake of the season finale, which ended rather shockingly when she called off her engagement to contestant Jed Wyatt after learning he had a girlfriend just days before he came onto the show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brown lamented in a lengthy Instagram post about how Christians called her faith into question after she rejected a Christian man over his views on premarital sex and then rejected another man with whom she had sex four times.

“Honest policy: I’m struggling. Life is so different. Since last August, I’ve been a pageant queen, a bachelor contestant, and the Bachelorette,” her post began. “I’ve been in love with multiple people, I got engaged, I broke off an engagement, and I shared it all with millions of people.”

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