Baby Name ‘Karen’ Plunges In 2020, Hits Lowest Ranking Since 1927

Baby Name ‘Karen’ Plunges In 2020, Hits Lowest Ranking Since 1927

It’s a tough time to be named Karen.

In case you’ve been living under a rock and have never been on social media, a “Karen” is not a nice person. Urban Dictionary has the best definitions of exactly what a Karen is.

“Karen is a pejorative term used in the United States and other English-speaking countries for a woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary,” says Urban Dictionary.

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Another great definition says this: “Middle aged woman, typically blonde, makes solutions to others’ problems an inconvenience to her although she isn’t even remotely affected. … Drives either an SUV or a minivan. Can be found complaining to managers at either Burger King, or any McDonald’s with a play area. Drinks crappy wine with her other non-working mom friends at book club and posts stupid memes on Instagram.”

And one last dig: “Karens also own a variety of Walmart running shoes which they wear 24/7.”

But according to

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