Baby Found Buried Alive by Worker Tending Fields on Farm: Report

Baby Found Buried Alive by Worker Tending Fields on Farm: Report

On Wednesday morning, a worker was crossing a field in Khatima, India, when he noticed something startling peeking through the surface of the ground.

A face. More specifically, a baby’s face.

It appeared that someone had partially buried the infant in a shallow hole and abandoned it.

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The worker, Kundan Singh Bhandari, immediately notified nearby villagers and a crowd quickly formed, according to an Indian news source.

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Video of the scene shows the dusty baby, motionless, as a woman pats under its nose with the colorful scarf it has been wrapped in.

While the baby doesn’t appear to respond much, reports said that the baby was breathing, and so authorities were called.

Police officers Manoj Kumar Thakur and Kotwal Sanjay Pathak responded, and the baby was taken to a nearby hospital, where its condition was said to improve.

The field where the baby

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