Aztec launches private smart contracts as Ethereum rollup

Aztec launches private smart contracts as Ethereum rollup

Aztec, a privacy protocol developing on Ethereum, announced on Monday the launch of its second iteration, promising private transactions and smart contracts while being cheaper than standard transfers.

The layer two solution adopted by Aztec relies on zkRollups, similar to Loopring or ZkSync. All these protocols rely on zero-knowledge proofs to help Ethereum, scale but come with different benefits and focused use cases.

Loopring focuses on the decentralized exchange experience, while ZkSync aims to be a generalized layer two protocol that could boost Ethereum’s transaction throughput.

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Aztec, in comparison, makes a heavy focus on privacy while still allowing a certain degree of scalability. The team says that the rollup can reach 300 transactions per second while allowing shielded ERC-20 token transactions and private interactions with decentralized finance protocols. Users would be able to trade on Uniswap and other exchanges as part of a pooled contract, similar to how it works in Incognito, a cross-chain privacy protocol.

The stated throughput

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