AZ HEARING: Numerous Bleed-Through Ballots Found

AZ HEARING: Numerous Bleed-Through Ballots Found

No effect, or a sign of fraud?

Ballot bleed through, or wrongly marked ballots could cause a huge problem in tallying up votes. Those who say there is no evidence of fraud will tell you that ballot bleed through doesn’t matter.

There is only one problem with that conspiracy theory.

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Tabulation machines of any kind are really sensitive. This is why voters are instructed to be extremely careful when filling out ballots. The last time I voted, the instructions were almost as long as the ballot itself!

There is a reason for this—election officials aren’t just trying to make our lives hell with really specific directions.

The reason officials and counties go to such lengths to get people to mark ballots properly is so the machines can read votes correctly.

Anyone who has ever taken a Scantron test in school knows exactly what I am talking about here, even slight markings elsewhere on the paper can screw up the results.


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