Axios Deletes Tweet Linking Criticism Of Netflix’s ‘Cuties’ To QAnon Conspiracy

Axios Deletes Tweet Linking Criticism Of Netflix’s ‘Cuties’ To QAnon Conspiracy

Axios deleted a tweet Monday that linked Republican criticism of Netflix’s movie “Cuties” to the QAnon conspiracy movement.

“GOP politicians are jumpstarting a Netflix boycott in response to the film ‘Cuties,’ which denounces the hyper-sexualization of young girls on social media,” the tweet said. “Their stance is linked to a child sex trafficking conspiracy theory central to the QAnon movement.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: GOP Lawmakers Call On Justice Department To Take Legal Action Against Netflix For Sexualizing Children)

Axios also updated the story that accompanied the deleted tweet linking criticism of “Cuties” to QAnon conspiracy theories focusing on child sex trafficking. The story appeared under the headline “Netflix faces its QAnon moment as lawmakers push to investigate ‘Cuties.’”

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Many theories in the QAnon movement involve the idea that the world is run by pedophiles and satanists that are opposed to President Donald Trump.

The Axios story also said that the Netflix film “denounces the hyper-sexualization” of little girls.

A review of the movie by the Daily Caller News Foundation found that “Cuties” not only includes many close up shots of little girl’s crotches and buttocks, but also shows little girls viewing pornography and discussing sexual acts,

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