Axios Attributes Low Chinese Coronavirus Levels to Vaccines

Axios Attributes Low Chinese Coronavirus Levels to Vaccines

Cases of the Chinese coronavirus are at their lowest levels since March 2020, the beginning of the pandemic, which Axios attributes to the nation’s mass vaccination effort.

Axios, which has tracked the change in cases weekly for the last 56 weeks, announced the “case counts are now so low, the virus is so well contained, that this will be our final weekly map”:

By the numbers: The U.S. averaged roughly 16,500 new cases per day over the past week, a 30% improvement over the week before. New cases declined in 43 states and held steady in the other seven.

The official case counts haven’t been this low since Americans went into lockdown in March last year — when the pandemic was still new, no one knew how long this would go on, and inadequate testing meant that cases were undercounted.

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Axios also claimed the U.S. “largely failed to

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