Australia: Chinese Agents 'Masquerading as Journalists' Prompt Police Raids

Australia: Chinese Agents 'Masquerading as Journalists' Prompt Police Raids

Australia’s interior ministry on Sunday defended the government’s recent intelligence raids on Chinese agents “masquerading as journalists” in Australia after China condemned the searches.

In June, Australian intelligence agencies raided the homes of four Chinese individuals accused of posing as journalists in Australia. Last Friday, Australia’s trade minister revealed that the agencies “acted on evidence related to a foreign interference investigation,” according to Reuters.

Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on Sunday that the intelligence services have every right to conduct raids on individuals suspected of foreign interference.

“Where ASIO [the Australian Security Intelligence Organization] has sufficient grounds for the execution of a search warrant, or for activities otherwise, then they’ll undertake that activity,” Dutton asserted.

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“If people are masquerading as journalists or business leaders or whoever they might be, and there’s evidence that they are acting in a contrary nature to Australian law, then ASIO and

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