Auction for ‘dream hunt’ with Donald Trump Jr. hits over $27K


Here’s a real big buck hunter.

An online auction starring Donald John Jr., is raking in the green. During its annual hunting convention in Reno, Nevada, the Safari Club International has been holding an online auction for a “dream hunt” with Donald Trump Jr. and 10 hours before the auction is set to end, the bidding has hit $27,500. The highest bid is by member “Grizzly 333.”

The hunting trip is being billed as the launch of something called the “Hunter Heritage Series” with luxury outfitter Coastal Alaska Adventures, and says, “This year we will be featuring Donald Trump Jr., the number one ambassador for our way of life. … Don Jr and his son will be hosting this year’s hunt along with [Master Guide] Keegan [McCarthy] in Alaska. Join them aboard Alaska’s premiere luxury hunting vessel for a 7-day Sitka black-tailed deer and sea ducks hunt.”

Also up for auction is a Tanzanian leopard hunt (current bid at

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