‘Asian carp’ rebranded because tag is deemed offensive

‘Asian carp’ rebranded because tag is deemed offensive

The Asian carp is getting a new name from wildlife agencies who think the title is offensive — but some critics say the move is a solution fishing for a problem.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service rebranded the freshwater fish wreaking havoc in the Midwest as “invasive carp” in April.

“We wanted to move away from any terms that cast Asian culture and people in a negative light,” Charlie Wooley, director of the Great Lakes Regional Office for the service, told The Associated Press.

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Minnesota long ago dropped the Asian carp label – which refers to four different species – and a group called the Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee plans to do the same beginning Aug. 2.

News of the change drew some snarky responses on social media, with some noting the name referred to the fact the fish were brought to the US from China for pond maintenance before they spread to rivers.

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