Ashli Babbitt once ‘harassed and chased’ husband’s ex-girlfriend

Ashli Babbitt once ‘harassed and chased’ husband’s ex-girlfriend

The Trump-boosting Air Force veteran who was gunned down after storming the US Capitol was once accused of chasing and harassing her husband’s ex-girlfriend —  repeatedly ramming the back of her car in a jealous rage, according to a report Friday.

Ashli Babbitt, 35 — who was among a mob of rioters who overpowered police and breached the building Wednesday — was charged with rear-ending her spouse’s former lover, Celeste Norris, three times on a Maryland highway in July 2016, according to court papers cited by the Daily Mail.

“She was waving erratically, and beeping the horn and appeared to be very angry,” Norris, 39, wrote in an affidavit about the incident. “I was fearful she would attempt to physically harm me.”

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Babbitt, who eventually beat the rap, allegedly followed her from a shopping center in the city of Prince Frederick, Md., to an intersection before slamming into Norris’ car — then began screaming at her, the court papers state.

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