#ArrestBillGates Trends On Twitter!

#ArrestBillGates Trends On Twitter!

It’s things like this that restore my faith in humanity.

Of course it didn’t last long before @Jack tweaked the algorithm to cover it up, but #ArrestBillGates was trending today on Twitter.

People are catching on and wising up.

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Check this out:

I see #ArrestBillGates is trending in India for destroying the lives of 14,000 tribal girls. You won’t hear that on the British Brainwashing Corporation

— Michael #LiveFreeOrDie #TakeOffYourMask (@MThebrexitparty) May 30, 2021

#ArrestBillGates trends in India: Here's why netizens demand Microsoft founder's arrest https://t.co/nKCEiuWTbg

— Republic (@republic) May 30, 2021

Stop human Experiment in India.#ArrestBillGates #BillGateshttps://t.co/kd5D5Pc9c3

— Hansraj Meena (@HansrajMeena) May 30, 2021

He has admitted his crimes against humanity:

Bill Gates Admits COVID Vaccine Changes DNA,

We are not lab rats #ArrestBillGates pic.twitter.com/9xYa4C55Id

— Jaykumar (@Jaykuma95082397) May 30, 2021


Not many people alive who are more creepy than this guy:

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