Army sergeant needs help bringing rescued cat to US

Army sergeant needs help bringing rescued cat to US

A US Army sergeant stationed in the Middle East nursed an abused and injured cat back to health — and now that she’s headed back to the US, she needs help bringing the feline with her.

Army Sergeant Rode — who is only identified by her last name to avoid reprisal from the military — said when she met the scruffy orange cat she later dubbed Bubba, he was bloody, frail, injured and absolutely terrified of humans, according to the nonprofit Paws of War.

Rode said it was clear Bubba had been fighting for his life for a long time, so for many days, she left food for him and waited from a distance to make sure that he was eating, slowly building up his trust. 

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Eventually, Bubba allowed Rode to sit with him from just a few feet away while he scarfed down the food she left. Soon enough, he was purring and allowing the sergeant to handle

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