Armed Robbery Charges Dropped Against NY Giants DeAndre Baker

Armed Robbery Charges Dropped Against NY Giants DeAndre Baker

Charges of armed robbery have been dropped against New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker in Florida.

The Broward County State Attorney’s office originally charged Baker with four counts of armed robbery and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm for an alleged robbery of a group of men during a dice game in Miramar, Florida, in May, ESPN reported.

The case fell apart for county prosecutors when an attorney involved in the case was arrested for attempting to extort money out of the NFL player.

Attorney William Dean, 50, wanted Baker to fork over $266,000 to each of the three men accusing the player of robbing them, who in turn would do “anything you want, so long as the money is right,” the police said.

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Baker’s Attorney Bradford Cohen praised the decision to drop the charges saying that his client was “a victim of an extortion from day one.”

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