Arizona Police Association Endorses Donald Trump

Arizona Police Association Endorses Donald Trump

The Arizona Police Association (APA) on Thursday endorsed President Donald Trump for re-election.

“The choice in this election could not be clearer than it is for men and women in law enforcement,” the release from the APA read. “The Trump administration has done more for law enforcement than any other in the history of our republic.”

APA represents more than 12,000 members in law enforcement in the state of Arizona including local, county state, and federal law enforcement professionals.

The organization noted Trump reinstated the use of surplus military equipment, prosecuting criminals attacking law enforcement, and vocally defending the police from calls to defund their departments.

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Biden, they wrote, would be controlled by the “far-left wing” of the Democrat party attacking law enforcement.

“A Biden administration will defend the police and eliminate qualified immunity which protects police and law enforcement from frivolous and costly lawsuits,” they wrote.

The Trump administration

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