Arizona man killed woman, hid body in duffel bag for months

Arizona man killed woman, hid body in duffel bag for months

An Arizona man killed a woman, then kept her body in a duffel bag for months while he drove her car and sapped her bank account, police said.

Kingman resident Daniel Puett, 35, was arrested Friday and charged in the murder of Debra Lynn Childers who local authorities believe was shot and killed in November.

Childers’ son reported her missing on May 12 — but hadn’t heard from his 64-year-old mom in months, Kingman police said in a statement on Saturday.

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Childers had been mostly living in her car in the area of Kingman, the statement said.

Investigators busted Puett driving Childers’ car and making withdrawals from her bank account, police said.

On Friday, investigators searched two storage units belonging to Childers, where they found a body in a large duffel bag that appeared to have been in storage for “several months.”

“Based on evidence and information investigators believe the body to be Debra Lynn Childers, however official

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