Arizona Dems Pressure Kyrsten Sinema To Help Kill The Filibuster

Arizona Dems Pressure Kyrsten Sinema To Help Kill The Filibuster

Pressure keeps mounting on Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) to help kill the filibuster so that President Biden can push his agenda unopposed. After one of her top supporters publicly rebuked her last week, at least three dozen Democrats in Sinema’s state are pleading with her to go along with the party line.

In a letter sent to the senator this week, members of Arizona’s state House and Senate argued that Republicans are enacting voter suppression bill across the nation and tasked Sinema with helping to pass the Democrats’ voting rights bill.

“The 2020 general election saw record-breaking levels of voter participation across the country,” the letter read, as reported by HuffPost. “But instead of celebrating this historic achievement, our freedom to vote is being threatened in state legislatures across the country.”

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The group further warned Sinema that current voter legislation being pushed in Arizona “will disproportionately impact young voters, low-income voters, and voters of color.”

Though Sinema co-sponsored the voting rights legislation, she

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