Arizona Audit Update: 1 Million Ballots Have Been Counted

Arizona Audit Update: 1 Million Ballots Have Been Counted

The forensic audit in Maricopa County, Arizona has reached a new milestone.

According to the Arizona audit’s official Twitter page there has now been officially over 1 million ballots counted by hand!

Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett in his latest interview also stated that close to 1 million ballots have been audited so far in the forensic audit in Maricopa County.

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Bennet also stated that there has been over 300 new workers/volunteers who have started to audit ballots just last week, so it appears that they will pick up the pace to ensure that they meet their deadlines.

UPDATE: Arizona audit is still moving along very well. They passed 1 million votes forensically audited yesterday. Just over 1 million more left. #ArizonaAudit

— Anna Khait (@Annakhait) May 30, 2021

🚨 1 million ballots hand counted in the ONLY forensic audit in Maricopa County!

— AZ Audit War Room (@AuditWarRoom) May 30, 2021

There’s over 2.1

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