Argentinian newscaster anchor botches report of ‘Shakespeare’ death

Argentinian newscaster anchor botches report of ‘Shakespeare’ death

This Argentinian newscaster had a Bard day at work.

Noelia Novillo of TV Canal 26 likely didn’t know whether to be or not to be ashamed after reporting that William Shakespeare — “one of the most important writers in the English language” — died five months after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, the Guardian reported.

In what has been described as a comedy of errors, Novillo confused The Bard, who died in 1616, with an 81-year-old Briton of the same name, William “Bill” Shakespeare.

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The latter, a former Rolls-Royce employee and the second person in the world to receive Pfizer’s shot outside of a clinical trial, died Thursday of a stroke unrelated to the vaccine, according to the news outlet.

“We’ve got news that has stunned all of us given the greatness of this man,” Novillo said during her newscast, according to a translation from Spanish by the Guardian.

“We’re talking about William Shakespeare and his death. We’ll let you

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