Archaeologists Uncover Ceremonial Chariot near Pompeii

Archaeologists Uncover Ceremonial Chariot near Pompeii

History is fascinating.

Even as we develop new technologies, engage in new and exciting things, or go about our daily lives, we set the paths for future generations to study and follow, just as we study and follow the generations before us.

One unique artifact, a well-preserved ceremonial chariot uncovered in February near the lost city of Pompeii, allows us to study more about life in the area nearly 2,000 years after Mount Vesuvius’ fateful eruption in 79 A.D.

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According to Fox News, the chariot discovery, which came from an excavation site north of the ancient city, in Civita Giuliana,  reportedly is made out of “iron, bronze, tin and mineralized wood.”

The four-wheeled processional chariot. The latest discovery of #Pompeii.

— Pompeii Sites (@pompeii_sites) February 27, 2021

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