AP Runs Video Of Woman Who Aborted Her Baby At 26 Weeks As Example Of Trials Women Face Obtaining Abortions Out Of State


The Associated Press ran a video Monday of a woman who claims she didn’t know she was pregnant until 26 weeks and then rushed across state lines to get an abortion.

The publication released a video Monday as part of an Associated Press analysis of the increase in women obtaining out-of-state abortions due to restrictive abortion legislation.

The video depicts abortion activist Beth Vial discussing how she became pregnant in early February but did not “have the suspicion” that she was pregnant until late July, five months later. (RELATED: Woman Dies In Late-Term Abortion At New Mexico Clinic)

Vial explains that she did not have any support, healthcare or money as the video shows her walking her dog around a suburban neighborhood and typing on a computer with a “house the people” bumper sticker on it.

“Beth Vial is one of the thousands of women who travel out of state every year to have an abortion,” the captions on the video read.

“Vial is far from alone. According to an AP analysis, at least 276,000 women had out of state abortions between 2012 and 2017.”

Captions on the video explain that “medical conditions masked her

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