AP reporter tangles with State Department spokesman over Afghanistan

AP reporter tangles with State Department spokesman over Afghanistan

State Department spokesman Ned Price was briefly left tongue-tied Tuesday after another verbal sparring match with Associated Press correspondent Matt Lee.

Lee, who tangled with Price back in February over the Biden administration’s approach to the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany — even accusing Biden appointees of “taking credit for stuff the previous administration did” — fired the first rhetorical salvo by asking about the administration’s Afghanistan policy as the final withdrawal of US forces takes place.

Earlier in the briefing, Price said that when Biden took office, “there was already an existing agreement between the United States government and the Taliban. And so like it or not, on May 1st the status quo that would have been in place on April 30th was going to change. And so the administration, the president, was confronted with a situation in which on May 1st, because of an agreement that the previous administration negotiated … that American

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