AOC Says If No Raise For Congress, It Forces Members To “Exploit Loopholes” On The Backend!

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What did I just watch?

I’m PRETTY SURE, I just watched a video of the infamous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saying that if she and all the other Members of Congress don’t get a pay raise, then it will just force them to exploid loopholes and “make it up on the backend”.

Did I hear that right?

Yes, she used the exact phraes “exploit loopholes”.

Is this a shakedown AOC?

If you don’t get a $4,500 pay raise you’re just going to “exploit loopholes’ and “make it up on the backend”? 

At least she’s honest.

Listen for yourselves:

.@AOC defends a $4,500 pay raise for herself: “It’s not even like a raise.”

— Molly Prince (@mollyfprince) June 11, 2019

Man, I sure wish I could tell my boss if I didn’t get a $4,500 raise, I was just gonna “exploit loopholes” in the company and make it up to myself on the backend!

What the actual Hell?!

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