AOC, other ‘Squad’ members bring dogs to work amid COVID-19

AOC, other ‘Squad’ members bring dogs to work amid COVID-19

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez brought her French bulldog Deco to work on Capitol Hill Tuesday.

The progressive darling revealed that she had brought her furry friend with her to work in pair of Instagram stories.

“Okay, one perk of being a member of Congress is that you set your own puppy policies,” Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said before turning the screen to her loyal companion, “So in a time of Covid and self-isolation, I get to bring a friend with me.”

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In a second story, Deco was pictured sitting on a leather chair in what appeared to be AOC’s Congressional office.

“Deco says we need to pass a second stimulus check, state & local funding for schools, expanded unemployment insurance and guaranteed healthcare. That’s why he’s my policy pup extraordinaire,” she quipped in a blurb under the one-year-old Frenchie.

The New York Congresswoman took her puppy home in January.

At the time, she had tweeted that her goal was to “train him

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