AOC Hit With Set Of Lawsuits; One From A Democrat And Another From A Republican


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s habit of blocking critics on Twitter has triggered two lawsuits against the young socialist, one from a Democrat and another from a Republican candidate.

Former New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a Democrat, told Fox News on Tuesday of his plans to sue AOC for blocking him and other critics on Twitter.

“I have decided, after speaking with my legal counsel, to initiate a lawsuit against her for blocking me and a host of other public figures,” the Democrat announced in a statement, according to Fox News.

“Ocasio-Cortez is acting cowardly and should be ashamed of her attempts to silence me. I’ve done nothing but address her ignorance and disregard for the truth. She constantly brags about the millions of followers she has but is afraid of my speech,” he continued. “She is a hypocrite.”

Hikind added, “I’m looking forward to the day where she has to unblock me so that free speech in America is guaranteed

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