Antisemitism Report Claims Arab Students Had 'Passion for Hitler'

Antisemitism Report Claims Arab Students Had 'Passion for Hitler'

A report on antisemitism in schools in the Swedish multicultural city of Malmo has made the claim that much of the hatred toward Jewish students comes from students of Arab and Middle Eastern backgrounds.

The February report “Schoolyard racism, conspiracy theories and exclusion,” looked specifically at antisemitism and discrimination toward Jewish people in the city’s school system and found that issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict played a large role. 

Some Arab-background students, particularly those linked to Palestine, are said to even praise Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in the playground according to testimony from school staff.

“It was Arabic students who had a passion for Hitler and I just assume and conclude that it comes from antisemitism. They had well recently learned about the Holocaust and got to the fact that Hitler was on their side in some way and that he was good in some way because he had killed

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