Anthony Fauci Now Admits Vaccines Cause Myocarditis!

Anthony Fauci Now Admits Vaccines Cause Myocarditis!

How long are we going to tolerate this guy?

I don’t mean anything violent, I just mean how long are we as an American People going to continue sticking a microphone in this guy’s face?

You could stick a microphone near my rumpus and I’d fart out something more intelligent than what this AssHat has to say!

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Sorry for being so blunt, but it really pissed me off the damage and death this guy has brought on us!

And people are still listening to him?

Well, what’s really fascinating here is he appears to be sinking his own ship, now ADMITTING that yes, the Vaccine can and does cause Myocarditis.


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From MJ Truth — it’s ok because you only get a

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