Anthony Fauci calls Moderna COVID-19 vaccine ‘quite impressive’

Anthony Fauci calls Moderna COVID-19 vaccine ‘quite impressive’

Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted Monday that people in the high-risk category will have access to coronavirus vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna by the end of December – but said he was “concerned” about the transition between the two administrations.

The top US infectious disease doctor said on NBC News’ “Today” that the results reported by Moderna — which announced that its experimental shot was nearly 95 percent effective – are “really quite impressive.”

Last week, pharma giant Pfizer said that the initial results of its vaccine trial showed it was 90 percent effective. BioNTech made a similar announcement.

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“Now we have two vaccines that are really quite effective. I think this is a really strong step forward to where we want to be about getting control of this outbreak,” he told NBC’s Savannah Guthrie on Monday.

Both Moderna’s and Pfizer’s vaccines use messenger RNA, manufactured genetic material that’s injected into cells to provoke an immune response.

Fauci, director of

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