Another mainstream company is seeking approval to invest in crypto

Another mainstream company is seeking approval to invest in crypto

Anthony Scaramucci’s investment firm, SkyBridge, seeks approval from the SEC to invest in crypto.

Investment firm SkyBridge, founded by former Goldman Sachs’ vice-president Anthony Scaramucci, is one of the latest companies looking to invest in cryptocurrency.

The company is putting together a hedge fund that includes Bitcoin investment, according to a United States Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, filing from Friday. The prospectus detailed:

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“The Company may seek to gain investment exposure to certain Investment Funds or Investment Managers which may enter into derivative transactions, such as total return swaps, options and futures. Investments by the Company and/or Investment Funds may also be made in companies providing technologies related to digital assets or other emerging technologies.”

After more than a decade of progress, several mainstream companies and individuals have kicked off a small but notable trend of entrance into crypto investment, particularly Bitcoin. Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones piled into Bitcoin purchases earlier this year. He also recently described how

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