Another Inside Scoop on CNN Reveals Network Tried to ‘Help’ BLM

Another Inside Scoop on CNN Reveals Network Tried to ‘Help’ BLM

Charles Chester is a man who’s almost certainly freshening up his resume at the moment. And perhaps preparing for a name change.

Chester is, for the moment, a network technical director with CNN. He’s also the target of Project Veritas’ latest undercover operation in which he seems to admit his network was altering its coverage to aid public perception of Black Lives Matter.

The third video in a series of clips featuring Chester talking a bit too freely was released Thursday. In it, he discussed the network’s coverage of a recent spate of high-profile attacks against Asian-Americans — and why CNN was eliding over the fact many of them were perpetrated by black suspects.

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“I was trying to do some research on, like, the Asian hate, like the people [who] are getting attacked and whatnot,” Chester said in the video.

“A bunch of black men that have been attacking Asians. I’m

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