Andrea Mitchell Shocked as ICE Boss Blames Illegal Aliens for Breaking the Law


Not even MSNBC viewers could fall for this.

Andrea Mitchell, a talking head whose grasp of facts is often not quite what news consumers should expect from their television hosts, took her own reputation down another notch on Tuesday with statements on last week’s immigration raids in Mississippi.

The word “inane” would be a charitable way of putting it.

The topic came up on “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” when Mitchell was questioning NBC correspondent Gabe Gutierrez about an interview he conducted with Matthew Albence, acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

During the interview, a showboating Gutierrez insisted on playing a short video for Albence of a sobbing young girl mortified that her illegal alien father had been arrested.

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Albence said he’d already seen the video, but Gutierrez played it anyway — the better to make for dramatic television.

“What would you tell that little girl?” Gutierrez

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