Analyst: Trump's Border Controls 'Necessary' to Slowing Coronavirus

Analyst: Trump's Border Controls 'Necessary' to Slowing Coronavirus

An analyst, who has penned viral posts, says strict border controls are the most effective tool for nations in slowing the spread of the Chinese coronavirus.

Analyst Tomás Pueyo, an executive at Course Hero, writes in the New York Times that it is border controls, above all other public health regulations, that are vital to slowing coronavirus:

Measures like masks, testing, contact tracing, isolations, quarantines are still necessary, but one approach has not been emphasized enough: the fence. Countries that quickly closed their borders or carefully monitored anyone coming in have been most successful in slowing infections. [Emphasis added]

Some countries use fences to block outsiders from crossing their borders. Some countries limit travel within their borders. As the United States considers relaxing some border controls and European countries reimpose travel restrictions, they need to realize that these fences are necessary to control the virus — and if they are

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