Analyst Predicts Crypto Altseason Coming Early Next Year

Analyst Predicts Crypto Altseason Coming Early Next Year

Strong moves from Bitcoin this week have rekted altcoins in the process. In the last 24-hours, the leading crypto posted +8% gains to $18.2k.

With its current run of form, many analysts expect Bitcoin to break its previous all-time high soon. Analyst ConnorNix predicts we’ll see a retest of $17.1k, followed by an upswing to $20k by tomorrow.

“With the smell of parabolic-ness in the air, one can’t help but draw bullish charts.

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Retest orange line, 17100ish, this was a big resistance on my charts. Tomorrow 8am gmt roughly.

Then up to purple line which is ATH by the same evening then to the moon!

Bitcoin has surprised a lot of people. I’m hoping it’s going to surprise the world 🌎 .”

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