Analyst: Amazon Stock Fractal Is “Anti-FOMO” For Bitcoin

Analyst: Amazon Stock Fractal Is “Anti-FOMO” For Bitcoin

The recent bullish breakout in Bitcoin has caused a massive wave of FOMO as late to the game buyers attempt to get in before the cryptocurrency takes off to a new all-time high.

But one sharp-eyed crypto analyst has spotted a fractal in Amazon’s post-dot-com bubble crash recovery that closely matches the cryptocurrency’s recent price action. If the fractal plays out, and there could be merit behind the expectation thanks to a rare harmonic pattern, a sizable Bitcoin crash could be on the horizon.

Amazon Fractal Should Act As “Anti-FOMO” For Bitcoin Buyers, Analysts Warns

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Cryptocurrencies have drawn regular comparisons to the early dot-com days, back when projects appeared by the dozen, all boasting about being the next big thing but instead failing to deliver on promises.

The air and capital eventually came rushing out of both bubbles, bringing valuations back to reality. From the ashes of the dot-com bubble rose today’s giants like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.

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