Analyst: “Altseason” is Postponed as Ethereum Begins Flashing Warning Signs

Analyst: “Altseason” is Postponed as Ethereum Begins Flashing Warning Signs

Ethereum has been seeing some intense selling pressure over the past few days, which has likely come about due to the trend reversal seen amongst DeFi tokens.

Because the DeFi market is essentially built on top of Ethereum, the ETH token has been heavily influenced by the expansion of this sector.

That being said, as yields across platforms begin waning and as token prices plunge, some investors appear to be offloading their Ethereum holdings in favor of Bitcoin – which has been able to rally higher over the past couple of days.

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This trend has hurt ETH’s short-term outlook, which is hampering that of the entire altcoin market.

One analyst claims that until Ethereum surmounts its near-term resistance and bucks this slight downtrend, “altseason” is postponed.

In some ways, ETH has become an index bet of DeFi, which means that whether or not it can break its downtrend will depend largely – or entirely – on how this emerging

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