An Oral History Of Watching CNN This Election Week

An Oral History Of Watching CNN This Election Week

Tuesday, November 3: Election Day

At 4 p.m., I called my beleaguered manservant Roger in for a meeting. I told him I was not to disturb me on Election Night, unless I called to him to bring me food or beverage or needed him to clean up something I’ve spilled.

Election Night is a holy night in this household. I’ve watched every election unfold since the invention of television, sometimes live in studio. This led to my best-selling book, “The Calling Of The Election 1968,” and its hit sequel, “The Second Calling: 1972.”

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But because this is a pandemic year, I’ve remained sequestered in my Mount Winchester Estate, even though I have herd immunity.

“It will be white wine and fish tonight, Roger,” I said to him. “Heavy food on Election Night is never a good idea, as it leads to gastrointestinal upset.”

“The turbot is already poaching, sir,” Roger said.

He is a good man, and hard to

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