An NBA Player Worth Listening To

An NBA Player Worth Listening To

The topic of racism in sports has been a major point of debate over the past year. Athletes have taken to the streets as well as social media to voice their concerns on what they see as inequalities facing black Americans in society. 

Last week, Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving became the latest high-profile athlete to delve into the topic of race ahead of his return to Boston, the city he spent two seasons playing in. When asked about his emotions ahead of the homecoming, the star point guard appeared to call the city — and the Celtics fan base — racist.

“I am just looking forward to competing with my teammates and hopefully, we can just keep it strictly basketball; there’s no belligerence or racism going on — subtle racism,” Irving said. “People yelling sh** from the crowd, but even if it is, it’s part of the nature of the game and we’re just going to focus on what we

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