Amy Coney Barrett describes ‘excruciating’ confirmation in front of family

Amy Coney Barrett describes ‘excruciating’ confirmation in front of family

WASHINGTON — Amy Coney Barrett credited “improv” with the juggling of her large brood and distinguished judicial career during the second day of her confirmation hearings on Tuesday.

President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court also described the confirmation process as “excruciating” and said she and her husband, lawyer Jesse Barrett, knew that their personal lives and faith would be scrutinized.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the Democratic ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, praised Coney Barrett for how well-behaved her children sitting behind her were and asked the nominee to introduce them.

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“I have eyes in the back of my head,” joked the 48-year-old judge, before introducing six of her seven children, and her six siblings.

“I have my husband, Jesse, my son JP, my daughter Emma, my daughter Juliet, my daughter Tess, my daughter Vivian, and my son Liam, and then behind them are my six siblings who are with me today.”

Barrett’s youngest son has Down syndrome and

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