Amnesty: Zuckerberg's Astroturf Empire Occupies the Associated Press

Amnesty: Zuckerberg's Astroturf Empire Occupies the Associated Press

The Associated Press fell victim to Mark Zuckerberg’s empire of astroturf groups on July 13th when the news service posted an immigration-related article that helpfully quoted a seeming diversity of people.

But a careful inspection shows that nearly all of the quotes came from paid activists in Zuckerberg’s pro-amnesty astroturf empire.

The article by Alan Fram was intended to describe the Democrats’ effort to pass multiple amnesties through the Senate by using the complex “reconciliation” process:

Their goal is to stuff the language into a huge measure this fall financing many of President Joe Biden’s priorities that would be shielded from a Republican Senate filibuster. That bill-killing [filibuster] procedure requires a virtually impossible 60 votes to overcome, but erasing that danger [with reconciliation, and] a Democrat in the White House means they could score an immigration triumph by themselves after years of Republican blockades.

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Fram quoted Frank Sharry, the director

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