Amnesty isn’t infrastructure

Amnesty isn’t infrastructure

As the Biden border crisis continues with no end in sight, Senate Democrats are quietly working around the clock to inject amnesty into a massive spending bill they are selling as an “infrastructure package.”

The bill is slated to be advanced through the little-known budget reconciliation process, which allows the party in power to pass legislation related to the budget with only a simple majority, bypassing the traditional 60-vote threshold. However, the budget reconciliation process has complex requirements, and it is not certain that the inclusion of immigration would pass muster with the Senate parliamentarian.

The amnesty push accelerated in late June when Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent, released a $6 trillion budget blueprint with reconciliation instructions, including $126 billion to put approximately 5 million illegal aliens on a pathway to citizenship. Then, this week, Senate Democrats agreed to a revised version with a $3.5 trillion spending level but remain mum on details.

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