America’s Riots Will Meet Sound And Fury, Changing Nothing

America’s Riots Will Meet Sound And Fury, Changing Nothing

This is what decadence looks like.

The MAGA mob that overran the U.S. Capitol Building contained moments of both tragedy and outrage, made even worse by the farce of it all — no one should have died for something this stupid. Motivated by conspiracy theories and the complaints of a sore-loser president, the crowd forced its way in and then mostly wandered the halls of Congress smashing and stealing things and taking selfies.

If this was a coup, it was a coup of the comic opera variety, as there was no way for it to alter the election. Thus, it is easy to dismiss the mob as delusional political theater — a dramatic, futile gesture made by people who had given up on the integrity and efficacy of the ordinary political process. There is truth in this description. The MAGA riot was a high-profile tantrum, and like most tantrums, it was self-destructive.

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Nothing could have done more to discredit President

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