American Flag, Bibles Reportedly Burned In Portland Riots

American Flag, Bibles Reportedly Burned In Portland Riots

Rioters in Portland were caught on camera putting bibles and an American flag into a fire outside of the federal courthouse, which has been a focal point in the protests that have been ongoing for more than a month and a half, numerous sources reported. 

Peaceful protests during the day reportedly transitioned into fires being set Friday night, largely without the presence of police or federal officers, according to KOIN

A Ruptly video shows someone with a “Black Lives Matter” sign beside them adding objects to a fire, where a Bible is seen amid the flames. 

This is who they are.

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— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) August 1, 2020

What appears to be a separate bible is seen charred in the streets, still burning.

Elsewhere on the street, a bible is being burned

— Danny Peterson (@DannyJPeterson) August 1, 2020

Less than a week prior, protesters in Portland were setting fire to a Trump flag that was hanging on the fence of the federal courthouse, cheering as it fell to the ground. (RELATED: Portland Protesters Set Fire To Trump Flag)

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler attended the protests and was hit with tear gas

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